The high quality of double-blind peer-reviewed research is at the heart of what we do, working alongside some of the most prestigious contributors in their respective fields. Our commitment is to maintain standard and provide best quality research by growing network of advisers, authors and editors across the countries worldwide.

ASAAR is keen to disseminate the latest thinking of practitioners and researchers from international business and social sciences schools. Our specialist collects in fields such as Business, Education, Psychology, Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing build on this strength; offering focused international research in a range of subject fields

With titles featured in Thomson Reuters (ISI), Scopus and other relevant ranking systems, and new articles and chapters continually added, our output combines to provide academic communities with a full breadth and depth of knowledge across a range of subjects.


ASAAR's philosophy has always been to help our communities create a meaningful impact that enhances knowledge, supports teaching, advances society and the environment, and influences government policy and business practice.

Passionate about service excellence

Our commitment to quality extends through the service and support resources it provides.

Agility in a fast-changing environment

The scholarly publishing environment is one of continual change, presenting new challenges and opportunities daily. As an independent publisher, we offer the advantages associated with a global presence, whilst remaining agile enough to respond quickly to market and customer needs.